Make this into a necklace to keep track of your markers or use a keychain (with beaded silver chain included.) Treat yourself to some Casapinka stitch markers--six different icons (taken from the Casapinka logo) are affixed to a removable marker.  The icons include all Casapinka's favorite things--especially cats, and airplanes!


These removable maple stitch markers come as a set of 6 attached to the Casapinka casa in beautiful maple.  Individual markers are big enough to be noticed, but small enough that they won't get tangled in your knitting.  There is a small hole at the top of the house and there will be a keychain through it but you can also can string your own chain or ribbon to wear as a necklace.


This is a PRE-ORDER.  Estimated to ship by 8/5/2021. f you also ordered something with a later shipping date (tea towel), they will ship together.

Casapinka Stitch Markers