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On Your Marks, Get Set,

Sharon from Security with a pink badge saying "SHARON FROM SECURITY"


With casapinka and Sharon From Security

Who Are We

Beginners Welcome!

The annual Miss Babs/Casapinka summer MKAL starts August 14!


The Snark-o-meter stars Sharon From Security (the snarkiest!), Fin from Interpol, with special appearances by Jean from I.T. and Kit Kat. There are 6 clues over 6 weeks. It is a mystery knit-a-long for a rectangular shawl, approx. 20" wide. You will receive 6 clues over 6 weeks. 

You will need 4 skeins of fingering weight yarn (approx. 375 yards each) and US size 6 and 4 needles, 24" or longer. One or two variegated skeins are just fine, and all four as speckles are fine as well.  Single ply could also work, but you will have to size down a couple of needle sizes. Fades look great as well but will switch order. We will be publishing a graphic for color planning when the date is closer. Don't forget the smaller "Talk to the Paw" pattern that will keep you busy from July 12 to the start of the MKAL!

Level - Intermediate beginner. First timers should definitely attempt and as always there are "easy" sections for an option if needed.


Other Stuff - We will do mocktails and cocktails again and maybe some other surprises!

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